Red Cherokee after detail
The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get your mom or your wife for Mother’s Day this year, look no further than Rick’s! Our gift cards are perfect gifts for all the busy moms out there. After all, who … Continue reading

Full Interior Detail on a Sedan

If you’re like most people, keeping the interior of your car clean may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have kids. Dirt, dust, and other debris can get stuck in every little nook and cranny, making it difficult … Continue reading

Beware of the Salt and Rain Combo

If your car, like most cars, has fallen victim to winter’s wrath, you’re probably beginning to identify the paint job of your car as a nice, salty “white and gray” shade—regardless of what color it actually is. Sure, the salt … Continue reading

Gold Christmas Gift
Rick’s Holiday Gift Card Special: $75 Off Complete Details

2021 Holiday Special The holiday season is upon us, and Rick is here to help you with your holiday shopping. We’re announcing the return of our annual Gift Card Special! Purchase a complete detail gift card for $75 off the … Continue reading

Dodge Challenger Exterior Detail

Your luxury car is always in good hands at Rick’s Auto Detailing. We work hard to make sure each and every inch of your vehicle looks brand new after a full detail. We recently completed an exterior detail for a … Continue reading

Volkswagen Engine Detail

From time to time you may want to show your car’s engine a little extra love. Cleaning your car’s engine is mostly good for improving the cosmetic appearance. But, it can also help in the future if you need to … Continue reading

Exterior Detail of a Mercedes-Benz

You can leave your luxury car knowing it’s in good hands at Rick’s Auto Detailing. We have experience with all types of vehicles, including the common family car, utility trucks, luxury vehicles, and more. Recently, we completed an exterior detail … Continue reading

red car with blue bow
Gift a Clean Car This Father’s Day

There’s no feeling quite as refreshing as getting into a professionally detailed car. If you’ve been stuck with what to get Dad for Father’s Day, a Rick’s gift card could be the perfect answer! From start to finish, our gift … Continue reading

After exterior of Plymouth Valiant
Exterior and Engine Detail of Plymouth Valiant Pacer

Rick’s is experienced in detailing a variety of cars, even ones that were no longer made after 1976. Recently a Plymouth Valiant Pacer came into our shop in need of an exterior and engine detail. We began this exterior detail … Continue reading

Mack truck after detail
Exterior and Engine Detail of a Mack Truck

Every so often we receive a specialty vehicle to work on. We recently received two red Mack Trucks that needed an exterior and engine detail. We started with the exterior detail by hand-washing the trucks to remove all visible dirt. … Continue reading