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Dodge Challenger Exterior Detail

Your luxury car is always in good hands at Rick’s Auto Detailing. We work hard to make sure each and every inch of your vehicle looks brand new after a full detail.

We recently completed an exterior detail for a black Dodge Challenger. To start off, we washed the car by hand to get all dirt and debris off of the surface. Then we went in with a solvent to remove any iron particles that were contaminating the surface. To finish the initial washing process, we sprayed lubricant on the exterior and used a clay bar to really get rid of any stubborn pollutants that lingered.

To prep for the polishing process, we wiped down the Dodge’s surfaces with an alcohol-based solvent. Then it was time to polish! We used a specialized machine to polish all painted surfaces and applied a compound with a high-speed buffer to remove all oxidized paint. We made sure to clear the painted surfaces of scratch marks before sealing everything in with a hand-applied wax.

For the chrome parts of the car, including the exhaust pipes, we cleaned, polished and waxed them to bring back their shine. We also cleaned the exterior glass, leaving it perfectly streak-free.

Finally, we finished off the exterior detail by cleaning and dressing all four tires. We were happy to return the car back to its owner looking as good as new!

Rick has customers for life.

We had my 2015 Jeep Cherokee detailed today. I have had the car since 2014 and it has only been detailed once and it has not been touched since we added a carseat and toddler passenger, who I swore would never eat in the car, however I was dead wrong. It has become our main family car and it showed it. Road trips to the shore frequently and a trip to Disney this past year showed inside and out. It was filthy and Rick and his people made it look nearly showroom perfect. In addition they removed the white road paint absolutely perfectly. We will return with the pickup truck before we trade it in. Rick has customers for life.

Suzanne R.

It looked like a brand new car

Rick brought the car back after detailing, and I kept looking at the odometer because it looked like it should have been at zero. It looked like a brand new car!

– Norm K.

Volkswagen Engine Detail

From time to time you may want to show your car’s engine a little extra love. Cleaning your car’s engine is mostly good for improving the cosmetic appearance. But, it can also help in the future if you need to determine where oil or grease may be coming from. Plus, oil and grease can accelerate the wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts, so it’s good to use a degreaser on occasion.

Take a look at this recent before and after of a Volkswagen:

When we do an engine detail, the engine is sprayed with degreaser, and then steam cleaned. Dirt and grime that collects on your engine are removed so you can be proud of what’s under your hood.

Interested in getting your engine detailed? Learn more about our detailing services and schedule your appointment today!

My car looks and smells amazing

STELLAR JOB. I found mold growing in the interior of my Golf. No detailer in the city would touch it. Was worried I’d have to scrap the car…. then I found Rick. And I’m so glad I did!!! Mold completely eradicated. My car looks and smells amazing. I’ll definitely be back (but hopefully not for mold problems!) THANK YOU AGAIN.

– Nicole S.

The tires and rims were done to perfection

We have a 2000 Mustang GT and don’t let just anyone work on “her.” They guys did an awesome job and the car is even more beautiful. It’s black and so shiny it looks like black patent leather. The tires and rims were done to perfection. Thanks guys; we’ll be back.

Will be back next year for sure

Rick did an incredible job with my 8yo Prius. It had a whole bunch of surface scratches on the side from when my son tried to shovel snow off of it, and Rick made those disappear. The car looks (and smells) almost new again – inside and out! Will be back next year for sure.

– Debra L.

Exterior Detail of a Mercedes-Benz

You can leave your luxury car knowing it’s in good hands at Rick’s Auto Detailing. We have experience with all types of vehicles, including the common family car, utility trucks, luxury vehicles, and more.

Recently, we completed an exterior detail on a white Mercedes-Benz coupe. We started this detail by hand-washing the Benz: this removed all the visible dirt. Then we used a solvent on the surface to decontaminate any iron particles that cannot be seen on painted surfaces. We sprayed lubricant on the exterior then used a clay bar to ensure that all contaminants and pollutants were fully removed from the car’s surface.

Continuing on, we wiped down all painted surfaces with alcohol prep solvents. Then we used wax on all chrome surfaces, including the exhaust pipes. Furthermore, we polished and waxed all chrome, including exhaust pipes. Then we cleaned all exterior glass to a streak-free shine.

To finish off the coupe’s exterior detail, we cleaned and dressed all four tires. We were happy to be able to return the car shiny and seemingly brand new. Get a closre look:

Rick and his team did a fantastic job on my truck

Rick and his team did a fantastic job on my truck. We use it heavily for travel, with the family, around town and Rick and team were able to address all interior and exterior issues. I noted a few hidden areas of debris and he was able to wipe it all out. The exterior was perfect after they washed, compounded and waxed. He also noted that once a year is a good interval. I will be taking an older vehicle shortly and can’t wait to see that done by him.

– Shaun P.

His prices are reasonable and his team is amazing

Rick’s is amazing! My Jeep was filthy inside and out. Rick scheduled me for a full detail service and he came at 7:30 am to pick up the car and returned it to me the same day. The car looks brand new! The magic they did to the outside makes it so smooth and they even got the artillery spore fungus off the car (that stuff is nasty!). I am most impressed that they were able to get the corn muffin crumbs out of the little holes in the leather seat on the passenger side! My husband drove the car and said it’s just like it came off the lot! Most importantly, Rick is not a hard sell! He said I only need to do this once a year, which is less than other detailers tell you. His prices are reasonable and his team is amazing! I cannot recommend Rick’s enough!

– Jennifer L.