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Rick and his staff brought back the “brand new / showroom” car look

I want to thank Rick’s Profesional Auto Detailing and Rick personally for the high quality of service and attention to detail that they performed on my 2015 Challenger Hellcat. The complete detail included several minor dent repairs, exterior detail including ceramic sealant, and a complete interior detail and engine compartment detail. Although my car is going to be 8 years old Rick and his staff brought back the “brand new / showroom” car look and it actually felt as if I was driving off the showroom floor when leaving his shop. I highly recommend Rick’s Profesional Auto Detailing to anyone who wants to restore their car back to its original showroom finish.

– Michael B.

Rick got our Acura RDX back to looking like new

Rick & his crew did an amazing job cleaning the interior of our Acura RDX. My wife was a dog walker as a side gig, so the interior was full of caked mud, dust, and dog hair. Rick got it back to looking like new, carpets and headliner were spotless and the leather seats looked brand new. All door trim, console, and steering wheel looked amazing. Also, Rick’s did not use any scented cleaners which is great because my wife is sensitive to perfumes / artificial scents. Also liked how Rick’s let you select if you want to have only the interior or exterior (or both) detailed.

– Jeff E.

Well worth the investment to go to Rick’s

Rick’s guys did an outstanding job on my quite dirty Kia Sportage. Interior detailing was my priority and Rick’s guys were on their game. Well worth the investment to go to Rick’s.

– Harvey L.

Will definitely return

Had an exterior detail done on my 12 year old car, and it came out great. The paint had been dull and worn, and now it looks shiny and refreshed. Will definitely return. Thanks, Rick!

– Brian D.

I would swear Rick traded my car in for a brand new model!!

Wow! I would swear Rick traded my car in for a brand new model!! It hasn’t looked this good since I drove it off of the dealership lot 9 years ago. Thanks!!!

– Haltersweb

I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and service

Needed to remove some mold on my front carpet and did extensive research on who I could trust with my new (to me) vehicle. Rick’s came highly recommended online and let me tell you that his service did not disappoint! I had the full interior cleaned and my car looks cleaner than it did when it rolled off the lot! I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and service from Rick’s! Highly Recommended!

– Robert A.

I’m so glad I chose Rick

I’m so glad I chose Rick. My 2012 Mercedes paint was etched with water droplets from a summer of sun and sprinklers. The car wash people told me it was hopeless. He brought it back to looking right off the assembly line. He was honest, truthful and fair. I will be back and highly recommend his services.

– Nora S.

Highly recommended!

My wife’s car and mine both had severe tree sap damage all over the hood, roof and doors. Rick was able to remove the tree sap and make the cars look good as new! It was an amazing job and he was very kind and professional throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!

– Jason K.

Rick has customers for life.

We had my 2015 Jeep Cherokee detailed today. I have had the car since 2014 and it has only been detailed once and it has not been touched since we added a carseat and toddler passenger, who I swore would never eat in the car, however I was dead wrong. It has become our main family car and it showed it. Road trips to the shore frequently and a trip to Disney this past year showed inside and out. It was filthy and Rick and his people made it look nearly showroom perfect. In addition they removed the white road paint absolutely perfectly. We will return with the pickup truck before we trade it in. Rick has customers for life.

Suzanne R.

It looked like a brand new car

Rick brought the car back after detailing, and I kept looking at the odometer because it looked like it should have been at zero. It looked like a brand new car!

– Norm K.