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The Best Auto Detail in the Philadelphia Area

Just had my Porsche Macan GTS Detailed with Rick and it looks better than the day it arrived. The best Auto Detail in the Philadelphia area.

-Ryan M.

I Could Not be Happier With the Service and Quality of Their Work

I’ve been getting my cars detailed for over 50 years now, but never have I seen my car cleaned and shined to the detail that Rick and his team do. I could not be happier with the service and quality of their work. They are an example for other retailers to follow. Just excellent work! The car looks new!! A huge thank you to Rick and his team.

-Steve B.

Looks Better Than the Day it Left the Dealership

Wow!, and I mean WOW!, My 14-year-old Silverado looks better than the day it left the dealership! Just amazing work Rick! I’ll be right back with my honey’s SUV, big thanks!!

-Brian M.

Looks Brand New!

This is my second visit to Rick’s. I am very satisfied with the detailing done to my car. Looks brand new!

-Sheri K.

When I Got it Back, it Was Like a Brand New Car

Rick resurrected my 2012 Challenger it had leaves everywhere and pollen and everywhere. When I got it back it was like a brand new car. Give Rick a chance to do the same for your car and you will not regret it.


Rick is the Best

Rick is the best. His eye and his attention to detail are unparalleled. I recently bought a used VW GTI that was previously owned by a heavy smoker. One day with Rick and the car looks and smells brand new.

-Tim D.

Our 4-Year-Old Car Looks Brand New!

Rick did an amazing job! Our 4-year-old car that hauls around 2 young kids looks brand new.

-Rob F.

Highly Professional and Personable Team

Great service! Highly professional and personable team who did a terrific job detailing my SUV. My car looks brand new; they were even able to work their magic on a scratch on the hood of my car which is virtually gone now! My car was ready even earlier than they indicated when I dropped it off!

-JoAnne B.

You Can Tell He’s Very Experienced in Detailing

I would hands down recommend Rick’s detailing business. I let bird poop sit on my new car for a week too long and it left a nice watermark in the paint. After a failed personal attempt, Rick squeezed me in the next morning and got it out in a few minutes. You can tell he’s very experienced in detailing just by talking to him and it’s evident in his work. Next time I need a full detail, I’ll definitely bring my car back. Thanks, Rick!

-Keaton C.

I Get Stares After Rick Works His Magic

I get looks because I drive a Challenger SRT, but I get stares after Rick does his magic.

-Christopher G.