Honda after detailThe team at Rick’s has always been skilled at sanitizing vehicles to eliminate germs, mold, and any harmful pathogens, which is now more important than ever.

Your car is full of germs and in the past we’ve warned of sick car syndrome. Not that you need another thing to worry about, but your car could be making you sick if it’s not regularly cleaned!

As we continue to wear masks and social distance, we should also be cleaning any surfaces we touch, which is where Rick’s comes in.

Disinfect Your Car With Steam

COVID-19 is no match for our steam cleaning. High temperatures kill off germs without damaging your interior.

Rick’s Trusted Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process is thorough, and that’s why we have even been entrusted with handling details for the Marple Township ambulances and Lower Merion police cars.

Our team follows an effective detailing process that disinfect vehicles:

  • We use compressed air to disperse any dust from the interior and cargo area.
  • We sanitize all plastic and leather surfaces including creases and crevices.
  • We then vacuum, shampoo, and steam clean all carpets and fabric surfaces. This includes seats, headliners, and visors.
  • Exterior and interior glass and mirrors are sanitized to a streak-free shine.
  • The vehicle is then hand-washed and sprayed with iron decontamination.
  • All painted surfaces are wiped down with an alcohol prep solvent.
  • All chrome, including exhaust pipes and tires, are cleaned and polished.

Get Started With a No-Contact Drop-Off

You can drop your car off at any time and drop your key in the dropbox next to our front door, so using our services requires no physical contact. Before we turn your vehicle back over to you, we will thoroughly sanitize your key and all touch surfaces in your vehicle as well.

You can schedule your appointment online, or by calling (610) 632-8806.

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