December 31 Calendar Each year, we tend to make promises to ourselves for the upcoming year that we don’t end up keeping. This year, try making resolutions for vehicle upkeep. Keeping these resolutions isn’t too difficult and will benefit you year-round.

1. Pack an Emergency Kit

We all know we’re supposed to keep an emergency kit in the car, but how many of us actually do? This year, actually take a few minutes to gather water, a blanket, a flashlight, non-perishable food, road flares, and anything else you feel should be included.

2. Resolve to Clean the Interior

Getting on an interior maintenance schedule is an easy way to make sure the cab of your car stays clean. Once a month, vacuum the floors and seats and wipe down any surfaces inside your car. This will prevent grime buildup and ensure that the mess in your car never becomes overwhelming.

3. Organize Your Paperwork

If you were to get pulled over today, would you be able to find all of the necessary paperwork easily? Take the time to find and organize your registration, proof of insurance, and any other documents you have in the vehicle. Shred or file any outdated documents to remove unnecessary clutter.

4. Don’t Forget About Tire Check-Ups

You may not think about your tires until there is a problem, but this isn’t a good maintenance tactic. This year, resolve to to pay attention to your tires, especially in the winter when they are more likely to deflate. Also keep an eye on the tread, as bare tires can be dangerous at any point in the year.

5. Keep Up With Washes and Detailing

You shouldn’t be relying on the rain to keep your vehicle clean. This is never more true than in the snowy months, as road salt is sure to build up on the exterior. Regular car washes and occasional details will keep your car in top condition and end up saving you money when it comes to auto paint.

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