Exterior Detail of a Porsche Cayenne

Rick’s has professional experience with luxury cars. When you own a luxury car – you want it to feel like and look like luxury, so detailing it is a must. Recently, a navy blue Porsche Cayenne came into our shop … Continue reading

Exterior of Mustang
Complete Detail of a 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Here at Rick’s Professional Auto Detailing, we work with a wide range of different cars. We’ve detailed antique vans and the common family car, but we also detail sports cars. We recently detailed a 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. The … Continue reading

Treat Car Mold With An Interior Detail

Over time, wear and tear is normal in a car. If you leave a window open while it’s raining or spill a drink on your seat, mold and mildew can grow, and those who have experienced this know you can’t … Continue reading

How to Keep Beach Sand Out of the Car

It’s summer, you’re driving to the beach to enjoy the sun, and before you even arrive you notice that the sand from last year’s vacation still seems to be lingering. This is a common complaint amongst our customers. Luckily we … Continue reading

Two door wrangler after detail
Bring Your Jeep Back To Life With A Detail

Jeeps are made to get dirty. They are known to be great for mudding, off-roading, overlapping, a trip to the beach, and many other outdoor activities. But after all the fun and games, a roughed up Jeep can be made … Continue reading

Honda after detail
Keep Your Car Safe & Clean

The team at Rick’s has always been skilled at sanitizing vehicles to eliminate germs, mold, and any harmful pathogens, which is now more important than ever. Your car is full of germs and in the past we’ve warned of sick … Continue reading

Side of detailed El Camino
Full Detail on a Chevy El Camino

We were recently given the opportunity to detail a Chevy El Camino. The unique car has a retro look with a plum exterior, grey roof, and red interior. We knew exactly how to get this car looking brand new. With … Continue reading

Honda Accord after detail
Full Exterior Detail Of Honda Accord Coupe

We recently detailed a Honda Accord Coupe that was covered in dirt! We were excited to get to work on this project. To start the full exterior detail on this car, we hand-washed the Accord to remove all visible dirt. … Continue reading

BMW convertible after full exterior detail
Full Exterior Detail of BMW Series 3 Convertible

We recently enjoyed working on this BMW Series 3 convertible. We were able to give this beauty a full exterior detail. We started this process by hand washing the car, then used an iron decontamination and a spray lubrication. We … Continue reading

Subaru next to Rick's sign
Detailing of a 1990 Subaru Sambar Dias

Here at Rick’s, we were given the opportunity to work on a project that was out of the ordinary. We detailed a Subaru Sambar Dias from the 90’s. It features a retro appearance with its teal exterior, beige roof, and … Continue reading