Ford ExplorerMost moms pick out their vehicles at the dealership knowing how much extra seating is necessary, but they probably don’t realize the toll their kids will take on the vehicle. Between carpools, road trips, and meals in the car, Mom’s ride rarely stays clean. Here are just a few of the regular situations where mothers sacrifice a clean car for their children:

  • Daily Rides to School
  • Trips to Baseball Practice
  • Soccer Pickup
  • Rides To and From Ballet
  • Carpools to the Movies
  • Vacations

We all know that the above list is only a sample, and doesn’t make mention of all the food and drink spills that happen on those trips. At least on Mother’s Day, Mom deserves a clean car. The least her kids can do is have her chariot professionally cleaned and detailed.

A gift card from Rick’s makes the perfect Mother’s Day present. You can order online and select a specific service or custom dollar amount. We also offer online scheduling so Mom can make her appointment at her own convenience.

Odors, juice stains, crumbs, and leather tears stand no chance against the team at Rick’s. We’ll leave the car looking so new, you won’t even be able to tell that kids ride in it.


To purchase your Mother’s Day gift, head to our Gift Card page!

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