Rick and his auto detailing company are top notch!  My car is 11 years old and it came back from Rick looking like the day I bought it.  He’s straight forward, does amazing work, is friendly and helpful.  He picked my car up from my work, told me his expectations for the exterior, brought my car back in the afternoon exceeding my expectations.  The reviews don’t lie.  Trust Rick to take good care of you.

Jennifer B., Philadelphia

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  1. rose klevansky says:

    Before having my car detailed by Rick’s Auto Detailing my friends always wanted me to drive into town because my car would never be broken into or trashed: it looked like it already had been! When Rick returned my 2001 Camry after detailing, it looked as good as it did when it first came off the Showroom Floor. It was hard to believe!! The detailing service provided by Rick was even better than I ever expected. I’ve now added Rick’s Detailing of my car to the list of things to done regularly. And I will wholeheartedly recommend this Company to all of my friends and clients. Thank you, Rick, for outstanding detailing!!

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