Coating & Sealants

$175 & Up
$175 & Up

Today’s automotive paints are less durable so to better protect your car’s paint bring it to Rick’s. We will apply a coating or sealant of your choice to make your paint more resilient and appear glossier. Rick’s is the authorized dealer and installer of QP-ON products in Philadelphia, the Main Line, and surrounding counties. We offer two options to maintain your vehicle’s shine.

Shiny Car

Semi-Permanent Silica Ceramic Coating

Starting at $275

This coating is semi-permanent, but lasts almost as long as the more expensive ceramic coatings. The coating is thicker than traditional sealants and waxes, and will protect your car from scratches, road tar, bird dropping, and other contaminants. Additionally, your ride will appear sleeker, glossier, and water will bead right off the coating. At Rick’s, we offer a warranty on silica ceramic coating when our customers bring their vehicle in for a refresher every six months. Warranty details here.

*Paint correction required before coating
shiny car

Nano Synthetic Paint Sealant

Starting at $175

Our nano-based paint sealant forms a protective armor around your paint and keeps your vehicle’s shine. Additionally, it makes your regular cleanings a breeze. A step below our semi-permanent ceramic coating, paint sealant is an excellent option for those who want to protect their paint and maintain a reflective shine without needing to wax every few weeks.

*Paint correction may be necessary prior to paint sealant application

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